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Coaching Philosophy

cca-launch-13Combining specific coaching drills and fun games, the Ceylon Cricket Academy ensures each participant, regardless of age and ability, develops their individual cricketing skills.

Using the latest computer technology and video analysis, all players receive personal guidance and coaching advice to develop the individual aspects of their game.

A key aim of the academy is to nurture players to develop their own knowledge and confidence.
New skills and tips players learn through the Academy programme, can then be practiced and included through practice at home, school or club.


IMG_1946If you are just starting out in cricket 1-1 coaching can ensure you have the right technique so that you are practicing correctly from the start.

If you have been playing cricket for a while and want to know if you have developed bad habits a 1-1 would be a great place to start to get your performance tweaked if it needs it.

If you have designs on moving up through the ranks from club cricket all the way to county, then 1-1 mentoring can help you develop your skill and importantly build your confidence so you can happily face the young bowlers and batsmen in your age groups.


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Do you want to up your batting performance?
Here at CCA we can help you to plan an innings by knowing how to play different types of bowling. Identify your own style of batting and teach you about defensive and modern game shots. Being confident that you can tackle any type of bowl will see your performance improve dramatically.


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Taking wickets during a game automatically elevates you to hero status in your team even if it is for just 2 minutes! That feeling of euphoria is hard to beat. We can coach you in your run up, how to bowl swing/seam and reverse swing. If you want to add to your bowling repertoire we can show you how to bowl spin and to use variations of fast, slow and spin throughout your game to keep the batsmen on their toes.


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Bowling and batting fours and sixes are all well and good but lots of games are won or lost on the field. If you want to progress to higher level cricket, you need to be a good fielder. Here at the academy we are hot on fielding. We teach cricketers about ground fielding, high catching and short catching. Knowing about fielding positions and attacking fielding and importantly how to set a field for your own bowling are invaluable to your game.

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